Holiday Lights in South San Jose

xLights Around the World 2020 Video Posted!

We are privileged to participate in the 2020 xLights Around the World project. You can see us in the bottom left corner at 2:18.

We were one of 970 displays, from 29 countries, that were able to be part of this project.

2020 Christmas Playlist

The 2020 Christmas playlist is now posted!

2020 Halloween Playlist

Here is the Halloween 2020 Playlist!

Halloween Horror Lights – 2020

We had the honor of participating in the Halloween Horror Lights this year, which had 60 different homes, from 4 continents! You can find us at 2:55

Building the Mattos Designs – Spiral Tree Kit

People seemed pretty interested in the Mattos Designs Spiral Tree Kit unboxing. So, I put together a video of me putting it together and testing it!

Also see more info on the build, shopping list, etc on the build page.

Mattos Designs – Spiral Tree Unboxing

Unboxing the “Mattos Designs – Spiral Tree Kit”:

2019 Christmas Video Playlist

The videos have all been uploaded to YouTube and can be seen at the following playlist:

2018 Behind the Scenes Walk-through

Did a short behind-the-scenes walk-through of how the show is setup. Mostly this is for myself and ability to reference in the future. I figured others might find it interesting! : 

Halloween 2016 is Done!

Halloween 2016 has been completed, and created a brief display for this year!