Below is a video of me assembling the Mattos Designs Spiral Tree. Hopefully this will help others who are assembling one of these trees!

Build Video

Shopping List

  • Shopping List of Items Not Included in the Mattos Designs Spiral Tree Kit. All of the parts below can be found at your local hardware store.
    • Tree
      • Pieces to hold tree to top of pole
        • 5/16-18 5″ Bolt
        • 5/16 1-1/4″ Fender Washers
        • 5/16-18 Nuts
      • Pole for center of tree
        • 5ft – 3/4″ EMT Conduit
    • Base
      • Lots of options. I used an old patio umbrella stand
        • Rebar (slide pole over rebar that’s been pound into the ground)
        • 2×4’s in an X
        • Patio Umbrella Stand
        • Monkhouse portable hole (probably overkill)

xLights Model Settings

Below are the settings I used in xLights to create the models for the spiral tree:

xLights Model Settings for the Spiral Tree
xLights Model Settings for the Star
The Spiral Tree Model with Star Model sitting on top